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Stories of human ambition designed to inspire you to live the life you want.


Skateboard Photographer Turned Woodwork Artisan Keeps it All Relative

Andrew Szeto is a man that wears many hats on the daily. From turning recycled skateboards into coffee tampers to hanging out of helicopters at his day job in the Coast Guard to spending hours in his natural habitat at the skate park.




Entrepreneur. Cultural ambassador. Guide. Canadian. There are many words that Kylik Kisoun Taylor now identifies with, but none came easily at first. It took returning to the North, and becoming re-rooted in his culture to get where he is today. Kylik’s story is the recipient of the Silver Dolphin at the Cannes Media and TV Awards.

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FILMMAKER Grants Program

We sought out to showcase Canadian stories of human ambition, told by emerging filmmakers. From over 550 submissions, these are the 30 finalists who made the cut.

Moving Pictures, One Frame at a Time

P.J. Marcellino did not start out as a filmmaker, but he was always a storyteller. Travelling to the northernmost confines of the world, as a young reporter, he went from school paper to school paper until he became a professional journalist.

The de Groot Brothers

Frustrated at the level of jiu jitsu in their town, brothers Matthew and Jean-Marc de Groot decide to start a jiu jitsu class. In the end, they built a gym that gains international success competing and winning in world championship events.

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