This Designer’s Clothes are Changing Lives in Africa

Fashion designer Treana Peake is the founder of the Obakki Foundation, who is changing lives in Africa by giving communities access to clean water, education, vocational training, women’s initiatives’ and medical care.

For the Love of the Game

NHL Player Rich Clune’s Battle with Addiction and Mental Health

Rich Clune grew up like many Canadians, dreaming of playing in the NHL. He never would have thought that when that dream became a reality and he found himself playing in playoffs for the LA Kings, he would have wanted to be anywhere else in the world but playing professional hockey.

The Rise of Joe Buffalo

Skateboarder Joe Buffalo was determined to keep doing what he loves. Through hard work, he opened the doors to a world beyond, competing in Canada-wide skateboarding comps and touring the country with his childhood idols.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Art of Yusuke Kawakami’s Handmade Guitars

No one else touches the guitars made by Yusuke Kawakami—he makes them all on his own by hand. It takes three to six months to complete a custom guitar, but you’ll need to get in line—there’s a four year wait list.

This Entrepreneur Makes Vacations Picture Perfect

Girlboss, Nicole Smith believes that memories are the best travel souvenir and she wants your vacation to be picture perfect. Her company, Flytographer, matches travelers with experienced photographers from all over the world to capture

From the future

The VR Mechanic

As a little boy, Adam Anfitatro would take apart toys to figure out how they worked. Now, he owns Hudson View Auto, but none of his customers ever suspect that he is also a Virtual Reality (VR) creator with a new invention that will change the medium.

This Foodie and Techie Talks About Her Garden Bot Invention

Valerie Song is an eco-entrepreneur who’s passionate about providing people the ability to grow healthy, pesticide-free food. Her goal is to help a million families sprout real food at home. Valerie tells us all about her invention, Ava.

Inspired Living

Because I’m Free

A window into the world of Tamar Brannigan: Crisis Text Line supervisor, prof,
QTPOC activist, 8000+ Instagram posts (and counting), life storyteller, and all
around wonderful human being.

Finding Balance

As any passion-seeker knows, one cannot be in a continual state of flow and productivity. We need diversions, we need challenges, we need physicality, and we need human relationships. We need to find balance.

Holistic Nutritionist: From Near Death to Vitality

As a holistic nutritionist and co-owner of Nectar Juicery, Tori Holmes is passionate about spreading her excitement and knowledge of natural medicine. After rowing across the Atlantic Ocean and fighting off breast cancer, this nutritionist’s

OR Nurse Janice Chan is Scrubbing in and Saving Lives

OR Nurse Janice Chan works with a team to perform surgeries and save lives.
“Working as a team, not only just the nurses, but the anesthetists and the surgeons, you really get to know each other. We’re a big family in the operating room.”

For the Greater Good

Across the Salty Roads

Guillaume Beaudoin followed his true calling in doing what many considered a crazy project: hitchhiking solo across the South Pacific Ocean; while subsequently producing a series of episodes as an act to fight against climate change.

Face of the River

In the Amazon, Elis and her team of educators go up the rivers sharing education and love. With some paint on their faces, they spread information through art, music and playful presentations, that would change the villagers’ lives.

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