Wannabe: This Spice Girls Tribute Band is Five Best Friends Advocating Equality

The 90s may be almost two decades behind us, but thanks to this five-piece band, you can relive a part of them. Wannabe is a Spice Girls tribute band that belts out the hits of the ground breaking pop group to audiences across the globe.

The Spice Girls burst on to the scene in the 90s and were an international sensation with their first single, “Wannabe”. The five band members all had strong, unique personas that shone through in their performances. They preached the importance of friendship and girl power, which the cover band takes very seriously with their act and in real life, as they are all best friends.

The band started by chance more than anything. Three of them were in a folk band in university and dressed up as the Spice Girls one Halloween. They booked their first show as a fun, one-off joke, but after selling out and going viral, they knew they were on to something.

Nostalgia is a big part of the Wannabe show. For most of the band, it was the first CD they ever had. Many of their audience members dress up in 90s fashion or even the Spice characters themselves. Wannabe takes pride in not only entertaining their crowd, but even invoking an emotional, visceral reaction that has been known to bring audience members to tears.

The band shows no signs of slowing down. They continue to get better as performers and as singers, and don’t take for granted the fact that they get to work with their best friends, travel the world, and spread the girl power to message to a whole new generation.

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