OR Nurse Janice Chan is Scrubbing in and Saving Lives

On average Janice Chan assists in about five to six surgeries a day, focusing on one patient at a time.

“Every surgery is different. Regardless, if it’s the same surgery, every patient is different. Every patient will come with a different package, and so their surgery will, in the end be different.”

Janice is an OR nurse who works with a team to do elective surgeries and on occasion, emergency surgeries. Janice alternates between a circulating role, which is the nurse that checks in the patient and goes through their medical history, as well as helping the scrub nurse set up the equipment. As the scrub nurse, Janice opens up the equipment for the surgery, and helps the surgeon and surgical assist through the operation.

“Working as a team, not only just the nurses, but the anesthetists and the surgeons, you really get to know each other. We’re a big family in the operating room, and you just don’t get that, it’s very unique to the operating room.”

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