Marijuana Grower Survives Assassination Attempt, Changes Life Path

Anthony Coletti got involved in the world of medical marijuana in 2011. In three years, he became one of the biggest growers in Canada. Anthony was all of the sudden on top of the world and felt untouchable. With success in the business and such large quantities of cash changing hands, jealousy and envy weren’t far behind. Anthony found this out first hand when a hitman was hired to kill him.

Anthony was leaving a bar on a quiet Sunday night when he noticed a minivan parked with the engine running. His gut told him something was off, but he got into his car against his better judgement. When he closed the door, a man dressed in all white from head to toe came out of nowhere, approaching Anthony quickly and raising a gun that was covered by a sock. The first shot went off and the glass of the driver window exploded into his face.

Anthony was shot five times while in the drivers seat. Realizing it was do or die, Anthony mustered up the strength to get out of the car and try to tackle the shooter. As his head lowered, a shot grazed the back of his head. If he had been a couple of centimetres higher, he would have been killed.

Running on pure adrenaline, Anthony jogged back to the bar he just came from and laid down on the ground. He knew he had to control his breathing to slow down his heart rate and limit blood loss. Anthony focused on staying calm and staying alive as he waited for the ambulance to come.

Anthony was in the hospital for 12 days recovering from surgeries, a collapsed lung, and a paralyzed left hand. Doctors said the chances of using his hand again were slim, and if the nerve were to regenerate, it would happen within two months. Four months later and no signs of movement, the doctors told Anthony that he wasn’t going to use his hand again. Anthony refused to accept this diagnosis and turned to alternative healing. He studied ways to naturally increase growth hormones, practiced bio hacks, and combined physical therapy, meditation, and various alternative wellness therapies to stimulate his body. Anthony was relentless in his discipline to regaining control of his hand.

For 225 days from morning until night, he tried to move his hand with no results. Finally on December 9th 2014, his hand moved and he eventually made a full recovery.

While the assassination attempt forced him out of the marijuana growing business, Anthony is adamant that the experience changed his life for the better. He got caught up in a world that wasn’t him. Anthony found his true calling helping others who feel out of options and out of hope through his speaking engagements and clinics. Whether they are injured, depressed, or lost, Anthony teaches the power of the mind, will, and alternative healing.

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