Beautiful, Spicy, Monster


An intimate look behind the curtain of drag performer Sheldon McIntosh, a.k.a. Tynomi Banks. Experience the transformation, discover what it takes, and go behind the scenes with Sheldon as he reveals his process and passion for drag.



In a one-on-one intimate interview with Sheldon we discover what makes him tick and how he fell into becoming one of North America’s most iconic drag performers. Sheldon started doing drag by accident when a friend who was managing a club asked him to help as a dancer. He said, “Yes, I’ll help you but you better find someone to take over.” One night on stage and the rest is history.

After many years of dancing, Tynomi Banks was born and nearly 12 years later, has grown into celebrity status in the drag community and beyond. Tynomi has performed during Pride, at Yonge and Dundas Square, and various clubs around on the world. In her hometown Toronto, she can be found as a regular highlight at Crews & Tangos and Woody’s.



Sheldon, who is calm, masculine, and confident, describes Tynomi as a “Beautiful, spicy, monster.” The two personalities even take different showers. Sheldon confesses that depending on who’s getting ready, “Sheldon has his ‘man stuff’ and Tynomi has her ‘girl stuff.’”

The advice Sheldon would give to someone who wants to get into drag: “Make sure they want to do it for the right reasons. Do you want to perform? Do you want to be on stage?” Take a note from Sheldon on following your dreams and from Tynomi on owning your stage in life!

Creative Team

Kelsey Irvine

Director / Producer

Kelsey is a producer with 10 years of experience and an emerging female director. She started in commercial production and moved into film, where she produced 2016 Academy Award-nominated documentary short “Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah”. Most recently, she produced the room-scale VR doc “Living With Jaguars” with VICE that premiered at SXSW.

Ashley Drysdale


Ashley is a seasoned producer with 10+ years in the film industry. She’s worked with brands including Volkswagen, Interac, and on the Skittles short, “Struck By A Rainbow”, which won a Silver and Bronze Lion at Cannes in 2015.

Spencer Glassman

Creative Producer

Spencer is an emerging producer with experience in many creative fields. She is breaking into the film industry with this short doc. Awards: Eddies Film Festival Recipient for Best Experimental Film and Best Cinematography.

Sarah Manley

Production Coordinator

Hailing from Australia and now living in Toronto, Sarah has experience working in reality television and commercials. She has a passion for film and television and loves seeing a story unravel on screen.

Travis Wood

DP / Editor

Travis Wood is a Canadian cinematographer and editor. His behind the camera prowess is matched with his superb skills in the edit suite.

Alex Tong

2nd Camera / AC

Alex is a Toronto-based commercial and narrative cinematographer. He enjoys meeting new people and collaborating on interesting projects.

Chloe Szczyglowski

Hair / Makeup

Makeup is Chloe’s passion. She has been a freelance makeup artist for 5+ years in Toronto. Chloe has gained experience in airbrushing for events such as weddings, makeup and hairstyling for photoshoots, and film, including commercials.

Graham Budd

Executive Producer

Graham has been in the industry over a decade. Prior to founding Quiver, he has held senior posts at leading digital companies including Executive Producer (Jam3), Director of Business Development (Secret Location), and Director of Branded Content (Cue Digital Media).

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