eSports Team Owner is Conquering the World of Professional Gaming

Charlie Watson is the founder and CEO of SetToDestroyX, which has been dubbed as Canada’s eSports team. eSports is the business of competitive video gaming, which has been growing exponentially since the mid-90s. The video game business is colossal, with worldwide revenue estimated at over 100 billion dollars in 2017.

Charlie was drawn to video games at a young age like many across the globe. He found it as an escape from depression and personal problems, immersing himself in the games and the online community. An entrepreneur at heart, Charlie realized that eSports had real business potential and started the team in 2010. An early adopter of the business in Canada, SetToDestroyX was the first team in the country. He started working with developers, publishers, and gamers not only in Canada, but all over the world. Charlie now has 68 players contracted under his team, competing in various games both online and at large gaming conventions. His team now has not only game-centric sponsors, but national brands from outside the gaming world.

The early adoption of the sport has allowed SetToDestroyX to have first mover advantage in Canada, building equity through partnerships and even partnering up with Lambton College to create the first ever accredited eSports educational program in the country on a collegiate level. Charlie wants the program to help eliminate the stigma of a gamer that exists with parents and parts of society today. He believes the analytics and numbers are impossible to ignore and that eSports isn’t just a practical career option but a profitable one. Gaming and eSports has moved from having fun with friends to sold- out arenas, national TV broadcasts, and a variety of emerging careers in the field.

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