Nurse Naomi Benda’s True Calling is in the Emergency Room

There’s no doubt being in the trauma room of the emergency department can be intense. For ER Nurse Naomi Benda, it’s a unique, ever-changing, and chaotic environment.

“You’ll see so many different types of illnesses and disease and traumas or accidents, so no matter what day you come in it will always be something different.”

“You never know what to expect and I think that keeps you going. You can always learn something new. You don’t ever become stagnant with emergency nursing.”

As an emergency nurse, Naomi is the first person to see the patient. She is the first to ask the patient questions, and if need be, start IVs, give fluid, and order blood work.

“You do one thing at a time. You don’t want to get overwhelmed with what you need to do… People do get sick very quickly, especially when you don’t have a diagnosis and you don’t know. It’s just a matter about going back to your primary, of airway, breathing circulation, as long as you go back to your ABC’s, you’ll know exactly what to do.”

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