Cosplay: Dressing Up For a Living

Karli Woods is a digital content creator, Cosplayer, and Twitch Partner. She gets to play dress up for a living, traveling around the world to comic conventions meeting fans and hosting Cosplay panels. Cosplay stands for costume playing where people dress up as their favourite characters from comic books, novels movies or video games. Karli mostly focuses on the sci-fi genre with a mix of lifestyle. She has built an extremely loyal and genuine online community with fantastic engagement levels. With a background in television and fashion design, Karli strives to deliver on all facets of the business of Cosplay.

A lifelong fan of horror movies, Karli got introduced to the world of Cosplay through her brother who brought her to her first Comicon. She dressed up for the event and was instantly hooked, immersing herself in the culture and going back to school to learn how to make top-of-the-line costumes. Karli has since made a career out of Cosplay, using the world to gain brand partnerships and build her social media network on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

While there are many things Karli loves about Cosplay, she points to the lifelong friends she has made as the best thing about her job. Sharing her passion with others who love it just as much as she does constantly inspires her and makes her feel at home. Karli believes that Cosplay and events such as Comicon brings people together and allows them to connect with others and be accepted for truly being themselves.

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