The VR Mechanic

As a little boy Adam Anfitatro would take apart Christmas toys to figure out how they worked. His lifelong passion of fixing and repairing led Adam to become the owner of Hudson View Auto—one of the NY Hudson Valley’s top automotive repair shops—but that’s not all he does. None of his customers ever suspect that Adam is also a Virtual Reality (VR) creator with a new invention that will change the medium.

At Hudson View Auto, a constant and sometimes overwhelming flow of customers rely on Adam to get them back on the road. Many customers joke that Adam never stops working, but for Adam it’s rewarding to figure out how to solve car problems that no one else could, even if it means occasionally working through the night. When Adam finally closes the doors to Hudson View Auto, he goes to his backyard studio and enters the world of VR.

Adam and his team at Hudson View Labs are making history by creating the first ever VR experience run by magnet based sensors. This system allows the VR participate to fully explore one’s environment and interact with space and objects without relying on cameras or being tied to wires. One could theoretically make their entire house a magnet tracked system, creating a more realistic and immersive VR experience than previous systems. This revolutionizes VR by making it more affordable and easier to set up than the current camera tracking model.

Adam understands the weight that comes with such powerful technology and its potential to impact human lives. Although it can be controversial, ultimately, Adam believes that this technology will be used for the benefit of humanity, with uses that are not limited to the entertainment and healthcare sector. The power of VR in the past has helped create empathy, overcome phobias, and even generate social change. With the added layer of magnet tracking, all of these important uses could become even more powerful.

Adam wants the world to know that folks can still foster their creative passions even with demanding day jobs. He draws motivation from his job as a car mechanic and brings his hard working spirit into his VR work. It is the goal of creating a better world that motivates Adam in every aspect of his work and life.

Creative Team

Leah Galant


Leah Galant is a documentary filmmaker based in NY whose central focus is widening societal perspectives through powerful individual stories. Her newest documentary, Death Metal Grandma, premiered at the SXSW 2018 Film Festival and screened at HotDocs Festival.

Joey Katz


Joey Katz graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Film and Television. Excited about telling people’s stories Joey created his web series “Adventure Katz” which has won a student Emmy and has played at film festivals around the world.

Kervin Marseille

Director of Photography

Kervin Marseille is a New York-based artist and filmmaker. His passion for lead him to produce short films: Stop & Frisk (2014 New Voices in Black Cinema), Mulignans (2015 Sundance Film Festival), and Peace the Policy (2016 Urbanworld Film Festival).

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