Skateboard Photographer Turned Woodwork Artisan Keeps it All Relative

Andrew Szeto is a man that wears many hats on a day to day basis. From turning recycled skateboards into coffee tampers to hanging out of helicopters at his day job in the Canadian Coast Guard to spending hours in his natural habitat at the skate park.

After his short stint as a amateur skateboarder he started to learn the skill of photography working along side other skateboard photographers. It didn’t take long before he became a well-known name in the Canadian skate scene, and was featured in many skateboard magazines.



Andrew was originally an engineer in the coast guard but once upper management caught wind of his stunning Instagram he was thrown into the role of media lead for the Canadian Coast Guard. With a strong foundational background in photography and a desire for creating, Andrew seems to be the perfect fit for this role.

As a man that never seems to stop learning, Andrew recently picked up the hobby of woodworking. Within a short period of time he has created a wide array of pieces. Everything from baseball bats to canoe paddles, all while keeping it in line with his grassroots hobby by using recycled skateboards. Combining these two hobbies while being able to recycle at the same time reflects Szeto’s innovative nature.



No matter what Andrew is up to, you can guarantee he is going to find the best way to capture it, whether that’s through a photograph or a video, you can bet it will be top quality and awe-inspiring. The constant pursuit of this can be seen by taking a quick glance at his Instagram account, its no wonder he has acquired a strong following over the years with his constant search of knowledge and adventure.

At the end of the day, Andrew’s true calling is learning and having fun, no questions asked.

Creative Team

William Smith


William Smith is a filmmaker reigning out of Ottawa. He completed this project solo as a challenge to hone in on filmmaking as a whole. Andrew Szeto also held it down providing clips as well as some well received advice along the way.

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