Indigenous MMA Fighter Teaches POW (Power Our Women), Self-defense for Women of all Ages.

This film explores Shana Pasap’s determination in being a strong Indigenous woman, mentally and physically through training, and practicing her culture at home. It also focuses on the impact POW has on women of all ages and the confidence Shana not only builds in herself through training but in all girls with self-defense training.

Creative Team

Louise BigEagle


Louise BigEagle is a Nakota/Cree from Ocean Man First Nation but resides in Regina, Sk. Graduating from the University of Regina, with a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Arts and Performance, Louise is a writer and director; with a focus on Indigenous content for documentary filmmaking.

Candy Fox


Candy Fox is a film director and actor. She is Plains Cree and a member of the Piapot First Nation in Saskatchewan as well as Vietnamese. She graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts for Film Production.

Trudy Stewart


Trudy Stewart is a Cree storyteller hailing from Flying Dust First Nation, Saskatchewan and based in Regina. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Video Production from the University of Regina graduating in 2008.  Trudy is a writer and director, also works in communities as a youth workshop facilitator.

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