Across the Salty Roads

Montréal-based cinematographer, photographer and director Guillaume Beaudoin took part in the mega expedition, The Ocean Cleanup in 2015. The trip was eye-opening, and inspired him in the past months to hitchhike by sail across the South Pacific Ocean to collect stories of locals taking the initiative in the fight against climate change.

Every year in March, hundreds of sailing ships leave the harbours from Central America to follow the dominant South winds to Australia. Last April, Guillaume left Montréal to depart from Panama, hitchhiking his way across the South Pacific Ocean. Guided by the winds and the currents, Guillaume documented the journey, exposing the reality of the fight against climate change. At land, multiple organizations and non-profits work together to find innovative solutions to adapt and live in harmony with the ever-changing environment. Guillaume gave a tribute to local initiatives and put forward the creativity of those who are trying to preserve the environment.

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Creative Team

Guillaume Beaudoin


Guillaume Beaudoin is a cinematographer, photographer, and director based in Montreal. Regardless of the type of assignment, his goal as ‘Director of Photography’ is to create images that will not only tell the story, but that will wake up the viewer’s intuition in a subtle way.


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