Fraser is a partner at True Calling, with a focus on building our brand and spreading the word about our mission to tell stories of people who love what they do. What we’re always excited to share about Fraser: he is a triplet, and he lived and worked in China for three years. Two of his best TC moments include being part of the production crew for Heart of the Arctic, which was filmed in Inuvik, Northwestern Territories, and receiving the award for the same story at Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards.

What is it that you really do?
My role is to find and develop relationships with partners whose values and needs align with what we have built at True Calling.

What breakfast kickstarts your day?
I usually forget to eat breakfast, which I am trying very hard to work on. If I do, it is usually based around eggs and bacon.

What’s your favourite thing to wear to work?
A crisp white shirt.

What would your 16-year-old self think of you now?
He would be excited that I am working in a creative field but probably quite confused about the path that brought me here. 

What keeps you up at night?
Presentations the next day. Stress comes from being worried that all of the audio visual equipment will work. 

What was the best decision you’ve ever made?
Deciding to live and work in Shanghai. I met some very close friends and it gave me a totally different perspective about the world. 

What is your favourite quote?
“Is the juice worth the squeeze?”


Listen to Fraser’s radio interview with Dave Sheldon of 107.7 Pulse FM.

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