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Yoga for Jocks

Jana Webb is an entrepreneur who started JOGA, a.k.a. yoga for jocks. While her business has thrived and she has helped it grow brick by brick, Jana has had a tumultuous personal journey that includes two car crashes that almost took her life.

Because I’m Free

A window into the world of Tamar Brannigan: Crisis Text Line supervisor, prof,
QTPOC activist, 8000+ Instagram posts (and counting), life storyteller, and all
around wonderful human being.

Finding Balance

As any passion-seeker knows, one cannot be in a continual state of flow and productivity. We need diversions, we need challenges, we need physicality, and we need human relationships. We need to find balance.

Holistic Nutritionist: From Near Death to Vitality

As a holistic nutritionist and co-owner of Nectar Juicery, Tori Holmes is passionate about spreading her excitement and knowledge of natural medicine. After rowing across the Atlantic Ocean and fighting off breast cancer, this nutritionist’s

OR Nurse Janice Chan is Scrubbing in and Saving Lives

OR Nurse Janice Chan works with a team to perform surgeries and save lives.
“Working as a team, not only just the nurses, but the anesthetists and the surgeons, you really get to know each other. We’re a big family in the operating room.”

24 Questions: Carmel Rodriguez   Carmel Rodriguez is a fitness expert whose unique barefoot workouts, inspiring form, and signature handstands are worthy of the avid 296k followers on her Instagram account.  Beyond looking good and losing weight,...

Above the water with Paraolympian Donnovan Tildeseley

Paralympian Donovan Tildeseley When your #1 best moment in life is a toss-up between winning your first paralympic medal and carrying the flag for Canada in the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, it’s hard to imagine that a desk job at an insurance company could...

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