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The Voices of Musician and Artist Ashleigh Ball

Ashleigh Ball is a singer, songwriter, musician and voice artist. She’s the frontwoman for indie pop band Hey Ocean!, she recently put out her own solo album, and she has a completely different career working on animated series like “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”.

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Karolina Kuras: National Ballet Photographer

Karolina Kuras is a Toronto-based ballet and portrait photographer. In this piece, we explore her creative collaboration with Canadian National Ballet dancer/choreographer Brent Parolin and Tanya Howard, as well as make-up artist Ashley Readings.

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How Mijune Pak went from food blogger to “Top Chef Canada” Judge

With insatiable curiosity and hustle, Mijune Pak has taken her passion for food and made it her career. She’s an international culinary expert, creator of the blog, and a Top Chef Canada resident judge. Mijune has been featured as one of “The World’s Most Extreme Foodies” in The Sunday Times and named “Must Follow” by The Social Media Awards.

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From Plumber to Opera Star

After 10 years of working as a commercial plumber and gas fitter, Boris Derow lost his job. His wife believed that this was his opportunity to make a change. After some soul searching, Boris made the leap and is now living out his dreams of singing on the opera stages of Europe.

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Choir! Choir! Choir!

Nobu Adilman is the co-founder of Choir! Choir! Choir!, a weekly drop-in singing event in Toronto that has grown into a YouTube sensation. Choir! Choir! Choir! has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local and international organizations.

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Moving Pictures, One Frame at a Time

P.J. Marcellino did not start out as a filmmaker, but he was always a storyteller. Travelling to the northernmost confines of the world, as a young reporter, he went from school paper to school paper until he became a professional journalist.

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The Yogi of Movie Extras

Talent Agent Yogi Omar At 18 years old, Yogi Omar was wanted by the Indonesian government for being a gay rights activist. It ultimately meant that he would have to move elsewhere in order to keep himself safe. “Being gay in Indonesia is not accepted. It’s getting...

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Ry Williams Levitates Dinosaurs

Ry Williams enjoyed teaching welding until he met Terry, owner of Pangea Fossils. Terry mentioned he was looking for a welder. One thing led to another, and now Ry uses his welding skills in a very different way—building dinosaur mounts!

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Face of the River

In the Amazon, Elis and her team of educators go up the rivers sharing education and love. With some paint on their faces, they spread information through art, music and playful presentations, that would change the villagers’ lives.

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Beautiful, Spicy, Monster

Beautiful, Spicy, Monster   An intimate look behind the curtain of drag performer Sheldon McIntosh, a.k.a. Tynomi Banks. Experience the transformation, discover what it takes, and go behind the scenes with Sheldon as he reveals his process and passion for drag....

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When Fruit Art Is Your Side Hustle

Give Lauren a grapefruit, and she’ll cut it into an image you didn’t know a grapefruit could become. This fruit artist takes your average fruit and vegetables and turns them into refreshing, playful works of art.

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Nuge Bird: Human Instrument

Growing up in a world of hate, where violence was normal, Nuge Bird found comfort in recreating the sounds that surrounded him— gunshots and cars. Beatboxing has allowed him to overcome obstacles, realize his self worth, and use the sounds his of the past to light the road ahead.

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Pigeon Racing

In the world of pigeon racing, winning birds can collect prize money in the millions. Greg Cartwright is reigniting his childhood passion of pigeon racing after spending 30+ years in the regular workforce.

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This First Nations DJ Brings Powwow Step to the Dance Floor

DJ Shub is a Mohawk DJ and award-winning music producer from Six Nations of the Grand River. He is a major voice in Canada’s Indigenous electronic music community and considered the godfather of powwow step, which combines elements of traditional powwow sounds and electronic dance music.

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Cosplay: Dressing Up For a Living

Karli Woods gets to play dress up for a living, traveling around the world to Comic-Con conventions meeting fans and hosting costume panels. She is a digital content creator, Cosplayer, Twitch Partner and has a lot of fun doing it.

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Sniffing for Bombs: What it Takes To Be a K9 Officer

Courtney Lee, of the Securiguard K9 unit, is tasked with the job of keeping Vancouver International Airport safe. She works with Diesel, a German Shepherd who understands Dutch, German, and English. Together, they patrol the airport looking for explosives and anything suspicious.

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Young Hip & Married: A Wedding Officiant’s Love Story

Shawn Miller is an officiant and the CEO of Young Hip & Married, a wedding company that gives couples the freedom to express their love for each other in their own unique way. He tells us what it’s like to be in the business of love and how he gives back by offering free weddings around Valentine’s Day in Vancouver’s Robson Square.

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Featherweight MMA Fighter Jeremy Kennedy’s Lifestyle Makes Him a Success

Jeremy “JBC” Kennedy, the 25-year-old mixed martial artist, has an undefeated record of 11-0, and is also undefeated in three UFC fights. In a career where you’re relying on your body to provide for yourself, knowing when to train and when to take it easy are part of the challenges. Watch our video to find out how he stays at the top of his game.

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Monster Maker

After a series of dead-end jobs out of high school, Chris Devitt asked himself what he really wanted to do: make monsters for a living.

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34 Questions: Malcolm Goodwin

Malcolm Goodwin is an actor and filmmaker who has starred in numerous feature films such as American Gangster, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, and Leatherheads. His television credits include House Of Cards, Elementary, and A&E’s Breakout Kings, and you’ve seen...

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Daphne Bramham | Her Story

An award-winning journalist for the Vancouver Sun, Daphne Bramham has covered everything from the Olympics to the Hong Kong handover. As a passionate storyteller, there is nothing else she would rather do.

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