For the Greater Good

Across the Salty Roads

Guillaume Beaudoin followed his true calling in doing what many considered a crazy project: hitchhiking solo across the South Pacific Ocean; while subsequently producing a series of episodes as an act to fight against climate change.

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Face of the River

In the Amazon, Elis and her team of educators go up the rivers sharing education and love. With some paint on their faces, they spread information through art, music and playful presentations, that would change the villagers’ lives.

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Sniffing for Bombs: What it Takes To Be a K9 Officer

Courtney Lee, of the Securiguard K9 unit, is tasked with the job of keeping Vancouver International Airport safe. She works with Diesel, a German Shepherd who understands Dutch, German, and English. Together, they patrol the airport looking for explosives and anything suspicious.

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How Purpose Can Change The World

When you think about what’s important to you, are you ready to fight for it? How do you find the courage to follow your convictions? Will you persevere when the stakes are highest? We think after hearing from these veterans, you will.

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Marine Pilot Neil Crysler helps protect the BC coastline

Coast Pilot Neil Crysler Meet Neil Crysler, a Licenced ship Pilot with the BC Coast Pilots, a company consisting of approximately 105 licensed marine pilots who work with the Pacific Pilotage Authority to keep the British Columbia Coast line safe and healthy. Neil...

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