These Twin Sisters Found Big Business in Teething Toys

Eleanor Lee and Angel Kho make teething toys and soft goods for children. They are the twin sister team behind Loulou Lollipop, a sought-after baby brand known for its modern designs and thoughtful accessories.

The idea for the company is all thanks to four-year-old Kinsley, Eleanor’s daughter. “When I was pregnant with Kinsley, the company I was working for as an interior designer went bankrupt. So my maternity leave became permanent. I started looking for work that I could do from home,” says Eleanor. “I thought of making jewelry after Kinsley broke a few of my necklaces. And after finding there was nothing on the market, I had this idea to start my own teething jewelry company.”

Eleanor started playing with the idea of starting her own business. In early 2015, Eleanor launched Loulou Lollipop on Etsy, with a few necklaces and pacifiers. “The donut teether was our first design, and it got really popular,” says Eleanor. “I’ve always wanted to have my own company, and knew if I never tried it, I would never succeed. In the beginning, I didn’t have any expectations. After partnering and doing collaborations with local and US bloggers and sending our products out on shoots, our traction grew.”

Eleanor’s eye-popping designs quickly created high demand for the product. “And then as it picked up, I decided to quit my job as a data analyst, and took Loulou Lollipop up full-time,” says Angel. “It started out as us and a few other friends of ours—also mothers, making these teethers at home.

Fast forward to today, and Loulou Lollipop can be found in over 50 stores world wide, with such names as Nordstrom, Crate & Barrel Kids, and Anthropologie reaching out to be stockists. With a growing reach, the sisters had to grow their production. Where previously six other moms helped to create the products, Eleanor and Angel have now begun outsourcing some of the work. The interest and demand for Loulou Lollipop is beyond what the sisters had ever imagined.

Eleanor and Angel are still wrapping their heads around their success, and the challenges that come with it. “The biggest surprise now is having knock-offs being made of our products—frustrating, but on a positive outlook, we must be doing something right if people are trying to copy us,” says Angel.

What has started out as a few moms at home, has now grown into an international affair. Now, babies everywhere are salivating over teething unicorns, bubble tea, and Oreo-beaded baubles. Soft, muslin cloths in popsicle-coloured prints are also best sellers.

“We’ve always wanted to own our own business, so we tried it, because you won’t know until you try.”


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