Kamaj Silva: Serial Sneakerhead and Entrepreneur

Kamaj Silva is a serial sneakerhead and entrepreneur who has turned his passion for footwear into a business.

“I think of sneakers as an art piece, rather than something you wear on your foot”, says Kamaj.

He is the founder and CEO of ‘SNEAKERTUB’, the world’s first and only mystery sneaker subscription service, delivering a surprise monthly box of sneakers and accessories from Puma, Saucony, New Balance, Timberland, Ransom and more! Kamaj is also the founder and CEO of ‘MILK’, Toronto’s only milk themed sneaker and streetwear boutique, located in one of the city’s hippest neighbourhoods, The Junction. They were ranked #1 “Best New Fashion Store” by @blogto.

His companies cater to those who want to be introduced to new brands and fashion that they wouldn’t necessarily pick up at a retail store but they would love and be surprised by.

Originally from Sri Lanka, growing up Kamaj never had the opportunity to buy the cool kicks he saw on his idols, like Michael Jordan, so he was struck with a yearning at a young age.

“So you get your first pair of sneakers, then you want something different the next time so kept buying, kept buying, kept buying and 150 to 200 sneakers in and there’s no way of getting out.”

In 2016, Kamaj was let go from his film production job with only $700 in his bank account and with nothing much more to lose he took the leap and followed his dream. He combined his infatuation and addiction to sneakers into something that he could make into a living. It was his ‘aha moment’!

Originally starting out of his garage with no direct connection to brands, he would go to retail stores and buy sneakers at retail prices, and since then his companies have grown rapidly in only a few years.

“Being my own boss I thought would be more beneficial for me because I don’t have any creative barriers. I can do whatever I want. I can dream as big as I want.”

He has grabbed hold of a billion dollar industry that is embedded into the hype culture of living, buying, and showing off the shoes they love and own.

“I’m so glad I got laid off from my job. I’m just a brown kid from Sri Lanka who had big dreams of owning his own company, doing his own thing, and not having a boss, and I think I’ve achieved that so far. Sky’s the limit.”

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