Iggy Joey: Model, Fashion Icon, and Italian Greyhound

If Audrey Hepburn and Cleopatra were reincarnated as an animal, well, you would have this Italian Greyhound named Iggy Joey. Model, icon, and lifestyle enthusiast, this pooch is taking the pet fashion industry by storm.

Whether she’s serving us looks with pearls, custom collars, or fresh threads, Iggy Joey always looks elegant and effortlessly chic. She knows her angles and without a doubt has a passion for fashion!

Iggy Joey has been named “The Most Fashionable Dog in Canada” by Buzzfeed, and has appeared in countless magazines, websites, and TV shows such as Dragon’s Den, Bored Panda, 9GAG, CBC, and Toronto Life.

Aside from making the media rounds, Iggy Joey can be seen at work at fashion shows, parties, meet-and-greets, premieres, and industry events. She is a sought-after pooch personality because of her style and demeanour, but because she is also a true professional. She is well-behaved, punctual, and can deliver no matter the occasion.

Iggy Joey and her human Lyndal Moody live in Toronto, Canada. It’s a cold place, and with her slender model body she needs the help of clothing to keep her warm, so fashion just came naturally for this pampered pup. “It was never the goal to turn Joey into an instagram dog, she just kind of evolved into that.”

Like many stars, Iggy Joey had humble beginnings. It all started from a photo posted to instagram of her wearing a $4 DIY thrift store sweater and now this canine fashionista has grown her popularity to over 67 thousand followers, and counting. #dogsofinstagram

Lyndal says, “There aren’t too many other dogs that are famous for modelling so she kind of has a niche.” This online influencer has travelled the world, walked the runways at New York Fashion Week, and even has her own IggyMoji app. Joey’s online presence sparks fashion inspo, adoration and even a giggle or two!

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