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The Voices of Musician and Artist Ashleigh Ball

Ashleigh Ball is a singer, songwriter, musician and voice artist. She’s the frontwoman for indie pop band Hey Ocean!, she recently put out her own solo album, and she has a completely different career working on animated series like “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”.

The Art of Yusuke Kawakami’s Handmade Guitars

No one else touches the guitars made by Yusuke Kawakami—he makes them all on his own by hand. It takes three to six months to complete a custom guitar, but you’ll need to get in line—there’s a four year wait list.

This Entrepreneur Makes Vacations Picture Perfect

Girlboss, Nicole Smith believes that memories are the best travel souvenir and she wants your vacation to be picture perfect. Her company, Flytographer, matches travelers with experienced photographers from all over the world to capture

This Foodie and Techie Talks About Her Garden Bot Invention

Valerie Song is an eco-entrepreneur who’s passionate about providing people the ability to grow healthy, pesticide-free food. Her goal is to help a million families sprout real food at home. Valerie tells us all about her invention, Ava.

24 Questions: Manjit Minhas Beer Baroness and Entrepreneur

Manjit Minhas is a Dragon on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, and the CEO and co-founder of Minhas Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries. The entrepreneur and mother of two came to visit the True Calling studio on a recent trip to Vancouver for a round of 24 Questions, and told us about her hidden talents, what she’s least proud of, and the book that helped her business to succeed.

24 Questions: Jackie Kai Ellis

When we asked Jackie Kai Ellis what she does for a living, she was stumped: “That’s like, the hardest question! I do a lot of things!”

Doing It My Way

As a top tier marketing executive, being successful in the business world was everything Rosy Atwal had dreamed; but when Rosy became a mother, the delicate see-saw of how to balance the two began.

Heart of the Arctic

Kylik Kisoun Cultural Guide Entrepreneur. Cultural ambassador. Guide. Canadian. There are many words that Kylik Kisoun Taylor now identifies with, but none came easily at first. It took returning to the North, and becoming re-rooted in his culture to get where he is...

A CPA designation is more than just numbers for Bill Hallett

Bill Hallett of Vancouver Foundation Studying Accounting may not sound like the most exciting pursuit... And yet, Bill’s life has been anything but boring. This is the story of a man who followed his natural math talents only to find they would lead him down some...

Just Keep Swimming

Jessica Schultz Marine Ecologist When you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing, just keep swimming — that’s Jessica Schultz’s philosophy. She’s a marine ecologist for the Vancouver Aquarium and spends a lot of her time studying marine animals and...

How Ian MacKinnon quit Google to start Later Media

Ian MacKinnon of Later Media How do you know if tossing stability, reliable income and benefits out the window to start your own risky venture is the right path for you? Well, the first sign is you can’t get it off your mind. Take our friend Ian MacKinnon here: he...

Exploring road and lease construction with Tyson Pylypiw of Encana

Tyson Pylypiw of Encana Meet Tyson, Team Lead of Road & Lease Construction at Encana, one of Canada’s top energy producers of oil and natural gas. Tyson gets a thrill out of seeing a project through from design and planning to final construction so that natural...

Marine Pilot Neil Crysler helps protect the BC coastline

Coast Pilot Neil Crysler Meet Neil Crysler, a Licenced ship Pilot with the BC Coast Pilots, a company consisting of approximately 105 licensed marine pilots who work with the Pacific Pilotage Authority to keep the British Columbia Coast line safe and healthy. Neil...

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