Pigeon Racing

This is the story of the sport of Pigeon Racing and its enthusiasts. Greg Cartwright has been living out his retirement for nearly eight years now. After spending his entire working life as a lawyer for various industries, Greg feels that he now finally has the time, and the means to enjoy his life. At 63 years old, he can honestly say he is at his happiest. Since his retirement, he has wandered from project to project, trying to find a way to get used to his newly discovered free time.

After getting his initial fix of family and fun, Greg craved a new kind of investment. For over 30 years, Greg was following in the footsteps of a model working lawyer. And while the job was fulfilling and rewarding, he often found that his passion for animals and nature would bubble up to the top of his mind. Three years ago that passion for animals manifested itself into a love for the sport of pigeon racing. Building lofts and investing in genetically bred pigeons became his full-time career. He now trains, breeds, feeds, and cares for over 300 racing pigeons that reside on his acreage.

Pigeon racing is a sport in which pigeons are “homed” to a certain location and then hauled hundreds of miles away to a starting point and released. Within only a few hours, depending on the length of the race, the pigeons find their way back to the homing location without aid. The seed of his affinity was planted as a young boy. He practiced racing in his childhood and fell in love with the process of raising and caring for the animal in anticipation of a race. The film follows Greg and explores the depth of his obsession with the sport, as well as touching on the surprising history, and obscure modern world of pigeon racing.

Creative Team

Blake Gordey

Director/ Cinematographer

Blake is a director and cinematographer currently working out of Calgary, Alberta. His love for consuming films spawned a love for creating films and he has been growing his craft for over 10 years. Blake enjoys telling unique stories with a distinctive human perspective.

Jesse Lim

Editor/ Music Composer

A recent graduate from Vancouver Film School, Jesse has spent the last five years making a name for himself as a freelance creator in Calgary, Alberta. From corporate to creative, Jesse’s passion for quality filmmaking and storytelling allows his work to flourish.

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