Nuge Bird: Human Instrument

Growing up surrounded by gangs and violence, Nuge Bird learned to recreate the noise around him as a form of self-soothing. The sounds that surrounded him were those of anger: cars speeding off, breaking glass, and gunfire. To Nuge, these sounds were normal. On a field trip in grade 7, Nuge learned of a capella, a unique way of creating music using only your vocal cords. Familiar with vocal expression, Nuge decided to practice these unique and creative sounds, dreaming that if other people could do it, why couldn’t he? He already had everything that he needed within him, a rare position in his poverty-stricken neighborhood. Nuge Bird started practicing tirelessly. He refused to listen to those that told him it was annoying, that he would never be anything. What Nuge didn’t realize was how crucial this new activity would become.



Beatboxing grew to be his outlet. When he was faced with ridicule and bullying, he had a way to express himself. He turned the hateful sounds around him into something beautiful. It was this positivity and drive that took him out of an environment engulfed in negativity and crime and into a place where he was able to discover his identity and true self-worth. Nuge’s confidence began to grow. With every new sound, new rhythm and new beat, he became more comfortable in who he was. This confidence radiated and he began to attract positivity. He met friends who saw his talent, appreciated his creativity, and encouraged his progress. Nuge began to enter into beatbox battles, perform at open mic nights and share his gift with his newfound community. Today, Nuge draws strength from what he has overcome, is proud of where he is, and is optimistic towards his future.

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