Lance Bishop the Nova Scotian Horse Archer

Nova Scotian farmer Lance spent his whole life among animals since childhood, along the mountains of the Fundy Bay coast. He has a special connection with nature; he always wanted to ride a horse and hunt from its back with a bow, just like the plains native tribes hunted the bison. He lives surrounded by deer, sheep, cows and horses, whom he treats as family. He clearly speaks their language and understands their thoughts—this is what gives him comfort and a sense of home. During high school, he started to get involved with archery and he won all the competitions at his school archery club. Many years later, he felt stuck in the life he was living and burnt out at work, desperately looking for an escape from the everyday grey.



He came across a video of a famous horseback archery master and found what he was looking for. He was amazed not only by the master’s skills and how he discovered them by following his heart, but also by the way he organized his life and treats his animals in a way Lance can respect very much as a farmer. Lance became a true follower and spread the teachings of his philosophy. He built a practice ground, founded a horse archery club, and is now ready to welcome his master for a special training session joined by members of their community.

Creative Team

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I’m a cinematographer and photographer since 2000, next to working on 20+ Hollywood blockbusters, I also travelled around the world to document segregated tribes, strange religions and long forgotten cultures.

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I’m a professional travel agent since 2007, managed countless of large companies and complex projects to always stay on schedule, within budget. I love traveling and experiencing other people lives.

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