From Landing “The Perfect Job” to Using Social Media to Becoming One of the World’s Most Known Calligraphy Artists

Becca Courtice was raised in a small suburb outside of Ottawa and knew from a young age how she wanted to be involved in visual arts. Being in a town where structure is the norm, she went to college to eventually find a stable, well-paying job in the nation’s capital as an interior designer. During her time at college, there was constantly the need to pair her hand drawn concepts with technology, but she wasn’t feeling completely fulfilled with the rules and creative boundaries while designing retail stores. She noticed her mother decided to create art as a hobby, which then became a passion.

This inspired Becca to pursue something new and rekindle an old hobby of her own: calligraphy. The more she practiced hand sketching, the more she realized how much she enjoyed it. She decided to create an Instagram account called Happy Ever Crafter where she could express herself without limitation, and show the world how she could create stunning artwork in less than a few minutes using the proper hand gestures.

After a few months, her work was being noticed locally in Ottawa and started creating artwork for high end weddings, retail stores, and restaurants. Eventually, she started to receive hundreds of requests to host workshops which eventually sold out. From there, she decided to pursue her passion full time and commit herself to producing more content with new artistic techniques. Becca knew she was on to something, so she started building her web presence, and rolled up her sleeves to teach herself the latest digital marketing techniques to build her personal brand. By committing time to marketing herself and sharing her story, she now has over 118 thousand worldwide followers, and travels the globe to teach people her craft. She’s now built a global e-commerce business around her passion, creating everything such as workbooks, providing free YouTube tutorials, and provides on-site training workshops throughout Ottawa, and Canada.

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Brendan McCrann is a proud Ottawa filmmaker who is always on the hunt for a good story. From documentary production, to outdoor adventure shooting, to script writing, Brendan has worked on projects in all sizes and loves the entire filmmaking process.

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