Choir! Choir! Choir!

Daveed Goldman and Nobu Adilman (a.k.a. “DaBu”) launched Choir! Choir! Choir! without realizing it. What started as a way to get friends together to beat winter isolation in February 2011 quickly turned into a city-wide, weekly drop-in singing event. There were no auditions and the events were held in bars. Recordings were posted, news spread, and in very little time, a movement was born.

Now happening twice weekly at Clinton’s Tavern in Toronto and touring internationally, C!C!C! gives people a place to feel connected and sound beautiful. They have performed in holes, on hills, and on big stages at the Polaris Music Prize Gala, Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Massey Hall, The Juno Awards, Art Gallery of Ontario, Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Luminato Festival, the Grey Cup, TEDx Toronto and most recently, on American Idol. And they’ve included guest singers such as David Byrne, Rufus Wainwright, Tegan and Sara, Patti Smith, Bruce Cockburn, Kathleen Edwards, Colin Hay (Men At Work), Joel Plaskett, Hannah Georgas, Sarah Harmer, and Chris Murphy (Sloan).

Creative Team

Jeremy Larter


Jeremy Larter is a Toronto filmmaker born and raised in Prince Edward Island. He has directed shorts, docs, the award-winning comedy series Just Passing Through, and the soon to be released Telefilm funded feature film Pogey Beach.

Thom Smalley


Thom Smalley is British-born filmmaker and editor based in Canada. He has edited the Emmy-winning Guidestones, the Canadian Comedy Award-winning Just Passing Through (Season 2), and the HotDocs award-winning Prince’s Tale.

Tess Marie Garneau


Tess Marie Garneau is a freelance cinematographer and writer from Northern Ontario. She has shot documentary videos in Canada, UK, South Korea and Turkey. She looks for projects that challenge her, and will have a positive impact on society.

Helen Manley

Story Editor/Producer

Helen Manley is a producer based in Toronto. She has worked in television for the past ten years, researching, casting and producing story for high profile lifestyle and documentary series that have taken her all across Canada.

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