Cautious Clay

With a demeanor as unassuming as his bedroom studio, musician and producer, Josh Karpeh a.k.a. Cautious Clay, has cultivated not only a process by which to create music but a lifestyle that’s simultaneously absorbing and emanating the inspiration required to make it great.

Aptly named, Cautious is methodical and introspective, allowing his work to marinate in the meaningful. But the moniker belies the end product. Wielding his fusion of classical knowledge, jazz theory, and modern takes on contemporary vibes, it feels anything but safe. Uplifting and disruptive; organic and electronic; modern and classic. It’s a difficult juxtaposition to grapple with, but that’s how Cautious likes it. This is a day in his life.

Creative Team

Luke Adams


I’ve worked as a filmmaker for over a decade and have had the privilege of working on projects all around the world. My projects focus on connecting people to the outdoors through authentic content and captivating stories. ​My compassion and genuine interest in protecting the well-being of people and cultures while telling their stories, is what I strive for in my films.

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