Judy Lynn Archer is Building a Brighter Future for Women Through the Trades

As a child, JudyLynn Archer grew up on welfare. Her mother did the best she could, but as a single mom, she struggled to make ends meet for the family.

“Being on welfare made me feel scared, hopeless, worried, and stressed all the time. How were we going to pay the rent? There was never enough money.”

JudyLynn vowed that she would not live in poverty as soon as matters were in her own control. She quickly began waitressing. When that wasn’t enough to pay the bills, she started selling dope to support herself. After realizing a career in an illegal industry was not a stable way to live, she made a bold decision and joined an industry with little to no female representation: the trades.JudyLynn drove trucks and worked in the high paying construction industry as one of the only women on the job site.

Having a first-hand experience in how a skilled job in the trades can turn a woman and her family’s life around, JudyLynn was the perfect fit to serve as the founding CEO of Women Building Futures. Based in Edmonton, this organization is dedicated to training women and finding them employment in careers where women are underrepresented. The training is rigorous and doesn’t beat around the bush in regards to what to expect as a woman entering the trades.

Women Building Futures came from humble beginnings, operating out of a trailer in a parking lot. As the CEO and president, JudyLynn helped grow the organization to a self-sustaining non-profit organization that is in contact with 10,000 women a year. Program participants can live in Women Building Futures’ onsite housing, take courses to find a trade that suits them, and are matched up with employers immediately after finishing their training. The women who complete the program have an average increase in income of 130% on the day they are hired.

JudyLynn remains humble and will turn the attention to others. She is eager to pass the credit on to the many dedicated people involved in Women Building Futures and the industry partners that make it successful. JudyLynn’s determination to make a difference in the problem of women and children living in poverty is a key factor in why this organization has succeeded.

JudyLynn has spent her life in the pursuit of improvement, at first of her own life and now of others.

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